Your Website Alone is not enough, you need an App

Your Website Alone is not enough, you need an App

Your Website Alone is not enough, you need an App

The World today is changing, there is changes in the way people surf the web these days. There is a spontaneous changes in these times how people surf the internet these days, most people surf the web through the apps on their mobile phones than than using a desktop. Surfing the Web from a desktop isn’t much different from doing it on a phone, access to sites is just the same. Today’s consumers are spending over 85 percent of their time on their smartphones using native applications. The new data on app usage comes from a Forrester Research study that analyzed 2,000 U.S. smartphone owners to better determine how users engage with the apps they have on their phones. According to the findings, communication and social apps account for the most usage – with a combined 21 percent of all smartphone minutes. Text messaging and voice calls were not counted, but would add to this total if they had been. This is to show you that having a website is good but not nice enough, it will be better if you have an app so that there can be a level of relationship between them and for easier accessibility.

This trend also means that a small handful of companies are now dominating app usage. Facebook, for example, accounts for 13 percent of U.S. minutes spent on apps, followed closely by Google at 12 percent. Other big-name tech companies also see heavy usage, including Amazon (3 percent), Apple (3 percent), Yahoo (2 percent), Microsoft (1 percent) and eBay (1 percent.) As a category, social networks claim 14 percent of all smartphone usage – or more than 25 minutes per day. Facebook is the leader here, with 1.25 billion mobile monthly active users. The reality is that app development is quite the way forward and you need to also take advantage of it. Go check most of the top businesses or even leaders of your industry, you will find out that they all have a mobile app.

Here is his first chart, showing the way mobile users are exceeding desktop users on the Web:

Based on the statistics above, I believe you will agree with me that mobile apps have a great potential to increase your customers and customer-relationship. Is time to take advantage of the huge market and effectiveness in mobile apps. But do you know what, there is a platform known as Mobimatic that can help you in the creation of an app within minutes. Learn more about this awesome and easy to use platform at


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