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With Mobimatic you have a robust mobile app Software that makes it Super easy to build Apps for Business while providing a tonne of cool Features to make building awesome apps as easy as Drag and Drop. We also provide a Great Mobile App Business Setup to enable earn from the Mobile App Business. Hundreds of businesses and Mobile App Agencies across 50 countries use Mobimatic to greatly reduce the time and cost it takes to build high Performance Apps.

Insanely Simple yet Powerful


Pick a Template

Get Access to 100+ Mobile App Template Niches or Quickly build from scracth with our Drag and Drop Interface

Drag'n'Drop Design

Drag and Drop Powerful Features Modules and use our Free form Design Block to deliver stunning design with a few clicks

Publish to all Platforms

Publish your App with a Single Click to Appstore or Playstore with auto APK Generation and iTunes Submission

Build Solutions for any Industry/Niche


Banwo and Igbokwe

How you Showcase your Brand and Company strength is crucial, You need beautiful display and interactive ways to show your works. From content to Appointment Booking you can get your consulting


Tusi Pizza

From Menu to Reservations, Loyalty Cards and Discount and Coupons and Scratch cards, Mobimatic have Provided the power businesses making over 5 Figures in earnings Monthly

Taxi and Transport


From managing one taxi to an unlimited worldwide fleet company you can now build your own taxi app to allow users to book a ride and drivers to earn money in driving users. Easily create your own Uber-Like service in a few clicks



Launch your own Craigslist-like app.A dd a local Classified Ads marketplace for your users to offer products and services through your app. Set up your marketplace and let the users publish classified ads as they would have done on Craigslist.



The health and fitness industry is highly competitive. A mobile app can help boost customer acquisition and retention through interaction and management



Complete feature to sell online, from a single store to a chain of stores. Image galleries, product and price formats, options, checkbox, notes, payment gateways…everything you need for selling your products is in your users’ hands.

The Best Way to Tap into the Huge and Lucrative Mobile Market

The Truth Is Your Business & Every Business Needs A Mobile App and all you need is position to efficiently deliver great Apps to them.

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Unlimited Installs

No Restrictions, No Limitations. Get Unlimited Downloads and Installs on your Apps with Mobimatic..

Complete Drag’n’Drop

No Coding or Tech Skill, Build Apps in Minutes in with the simple D’n’D Builder.

All App Platforms

Build Apps once and Publish across Android, iOS or Web App with a Single Click.

Beautiful Templates

Over 60+ DFY Niche Templates with Regular Additions monthly.

The Most Powerful Features in any App Builder

Loyalty Cards

Realtime Chat

Job Portal


Connect nicely with your Favorite Apps.

Growth happens faster when we all work together. That’s why Mobimatic integrations make it easy to send leads and data from chat to your CRM, ecommerce platform, analytics software, and more.

  • Convert your existing Website to App:
  • Bring your store across all major ecom platform:
  • Automatically Populate your media Library:
  • and much more


dollars in revenues to be generated from Mobile app stores and in-app advertising by 2020


of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7


increase in sales for companies that adopt a mobile centric approach


of digital time is spent on mobile devices.

Reach your Audience where they are with Mobile Apps

Just Allow Mobimatic Show you how easy it is to tap into these Industry Statistic building Apps for your business and as a Service for Businesses.

Powering Businesses – See Success Stories

Our Mission was clear - Provide a simple tool to allow anyone Profit from the Mobile Revolution. Over the years We have created Thousands of Happy Customers making a Killing improving their Business Revenue and creating a new Income Stream selling Mobile Apps

With Mobimatic I have been able to build a business that generates over $10,000 in revenue monthly all within the space of a year.

I went From Unemployed Car Salesman To Hiring Staff To Grow My New App Business In Just Four Weeks using Mobimatic... This is a great tool to allow anyone Build a true Business around Mobile Apps

As a Pastor with not much Technical Know-How its Amazing how much I have been to earn from Mobimatic, the Incredible part is that in minutes I can setup a demo App and this makes closing clients as easy as it can be

Build your dream App and App Business

Join Thousands of Smart Individuals building great looking mobile apps and

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